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Frequently Asked Questions for

What types of articles are planned in the Prospector?

A balanced mix of prototype, history, and modeling subjects covering equipment (locomotives, passenger, freight, m-o-w), structures, physical plant, right of way, operations, publications & documents, memorabilia, artifacts, preservation, etc.

What kind of articles will be in each issue of The Prospector?

There are 1-4 articles on a variety of topics pertaining to the Rio Grande and associated railroads. Other columns may appear from time to time including:

  • society news and events (such as-dare we hope-conventions?)
  • news of various preservation efforts
  • a Q&A column (for those not on-line)
  • a collectibles & memorabilia column
  • an oral history column by former Rio Grande employees

The most important thing to realize is that in order to print an article on a topic, we need to have someone submit an article on that topic. The mix of articles will depend heavily on what material is submitted to the editor.

What are the guidelines for submitting an article for the Prospector?

See Guidelines

What eras are going to be covered?

We strive to cover all eras of the Rio Grande's history, including news of current operations on former Rio Grande lines. The exact mix will depend on what material is available.

Is this going to be all (standard/narrow) gauge?

Both standard and narrow gauge subjects are covered. The aim is to include something on both in each issue, with an overall balance between the two over the course of each year rather than each issue. These aims depend upon submissions of articles, and it may not be possible to achieve this balance every issue or year.

Is this going to be all steam or diesel?

Neither, since we cover all eras we cover both steam and diesel motive power.

How often will the Prospector be published?

Our intent is to always publish 4 issues per year. To achieve that goal, we obviously need your help. The members of the Society possess abundant knowledge about the Denver & Rio Grande Western. Why not put that knowledge to work by writing an article for The Prospector?

Will there be a lot of/too much modeling in the Prospector?

That depends on your point of view, but bear in mind that the prototype information will be there either way. We put the word "modeling" into the name of the society deliberately because in some past cases other railroad historical societies have deliberately excluded modeling. We prefer to view modeling as "applied historical research" and wanted to say up front that it belongs.

If any of you remember the old Santa Fe Modelers Organization, you'll know what we mean. Their material was almost entirely based on prototype and historical information- so much so that they eventually merged with the prototype-only Santa Fe Historical Society. Their example shows that the two interests can coexist.

What other projects will the Society undertake?

At this time, the Rio Grande Source Data CD's and Engineering Maps (of yard and station areas around the railroad) from the Rio Grande are our other major projects. Other projects will be developed as time and resources allow.

If you have other questions, please send them to the editor@rgmhs.org


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