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April 2018 Update - The DRGW specific Resources section returns to the RGM&HS website after a prolonged absense as the pages from the old website were reformatted to the new website. Most files etc. in this section had not been updated since 2009 and many of the new pages represent a consolidation to reduce the duplication of files.  We also got hung up on gaining in many cases regarding permission to publish the content here from the authors and photographers of the source material from the old site.   

All told representing a total of about 125 hours of time working time.  You'll notice an updated format and there is still likely small minor formatting issues I'm still working out from importing the older pages.  While all the link below in this section are not back online they will as we complete the rewrite of the web pages, complete permission required etc. 

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D&RG / D&RGW Caboose Roster

A Catalog of Captive Cabooses

Steam Rosters
Steam Locomotive Classifications
F7  F9 
PA/PB GP30 GP35 GP40
SD40T-2 SD50
The majority of the information presented on the Diesel pages is drawn from the Colorado Railroad Museum's "Locomotives of the Rio Grande" ( reference #16). In cases where different, conflicting, or supplemental information is presented, the specific reference for that information is indicated by a number inside square brackets, e.g., [73].  Also, note the use of [LIST] to denote information gleaned for the Denver & Rio Grande Western (DRGW) Internet mailing list. The DRGW list is an extremely valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of the Denver & Rio Grande Western and its predecessors.

Facilities Roper Yard
Burnham Yard
For Rio Grande Facilities & trackage The RGM&HS carries a large collection of DRGW Engineering maps of many of the Rio Grande's facilities, please see the DRGW Engineering maps for sale.


Standard Freight Roster 1887-1959

Box Cars Gondolas Hoppers
Covered Hoppers Flat Cars Reefers & Insulated Box Cars
Stock Cars Tank Cars M.o.W. Cars

Standard Freight Roster 1960-1993

Box Cars Gondolas Hoppers
Covered Hoppers Flat Cars Reefers & Insulated Box Cars
Stock Cars Tank Cars M.o.W. Cars
Narrow Gauge Freight Roster
Box Cars Gondolas Hoppers
Covered Hoppers Flat Cars Reefers & Insulated Box Cars
Stock Cars Tank Cars M.o.W. Cars

History & Reference Links to Railroad Information Website to other Railroad information
Nothing Called - The last days of Tennessee Pass by Walter Weart
Rio Grande Hearlds & Logos
Rio Grande Advertising, 1948 - 1964
AAR Codes
Diesel & Passenger Paint Schemes
"Rio Grande" Videos and Movies

Articles from the D&RGW Green Light - Volume 20, Number 3, Summer 1959
Elegant Lady - - With a Past
How Air-Braking Came to the Rio Grande

Rio Grande Service Bulletins

Volume 1 Number 1, January, 1927

Volume 1 Number 2, April, 1927

Volume 1 Number 3, October, 1927
The information presented on these pages comes from original copies of the Rio Grande Service Bulletins in the Walker S. Edwards Collection. The photographs were scanned from the original bulletins by Herb Edwards

  • D&RGW Passenger Trains
  • Steel Passenger Car Roster
  • Wood Passenger Car Roster (1904)
  • Car Inspectors Record
  • A Rio Grande Motor Car
  • A D&RGW Booklet from the 1930's
  • Rio Grande Passenger "Paper" (TBA)
  • D&RGW Passenger Equipment Folios
  • Folio 6 (D&RG September, 1904)

Trains The information presented on the following pages is preliminary data extracted from a variety of sources including Rio Grande Employee Timetables, Rio Grande Public Timetables, the Official Guide, CTC Board Magazine, other Rio Grande company publications and papers, and other sources. The data presented here is by no means complete, hence the title "Working Papers."

Denver & Rio Grande Western Logos used with the permission of Union Pacific Railroad

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