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DRGW Tank Cars 1960 - 1993

  This versatile piece of rolling stock has long been used to handle liquid or liquefied products, usually some type of chemical or petroleum-based commodity. Its use has increased over the years diversified to also include food-based products and ethanol. However, this was not always the case and in many ways the tank car is a "specialty" freight car, meaning it was originally created to haul a specific commodity.

The DRGW roster information below has not been updated since 1999 by Jim Eager.  If you know of the current despostion of a car listed below or you spot missing, inaccurate data, have model suggestion or a picture for any Rio Grande tank car we'd love to see & hear about it.   Contact the RGM&HS webmaster at: rgmhswebmaster@rgmhs.org.

Series Lbs Type IL CuFt Builder Date - Year Retired Commodity HO Kit N Kit Paint Design Notes
19108 100 TM 35-04* 8080 . 4- 1920* 1962 . . . . Steel Ex-D&SL 11014, nee-TCX 6598
19109 80 TM 33-00* 8177 . - 1908* 1970 . . . . Steel Ex-D&SL 11017, nee-TCX 1422
19110 80 TM 36-00* 8107 . - 1916* 1964 . . . . Steel Ex-D&SL 11020
19200-19214 1st 100 TA 33-02* 7000 GATC - 1948 <1974 Sufuric Acid . . . Steel, ICC 103 AW Copper smelters to uranium refineries

Paint Scheme



Lbs Weight capacity in lbs x 1,000
Type AAR car type code (i.e. XM = boxcar, etc
IL Interior Length or tank
Builder ACF = American Car & Foundry; BSC = Bethlehem Steel Car; CSCC = Chicago Steel Car Co.; GATC = General American Transportation Co.; H&B = Haskell & Barker; IC&E = Illinois Car & Equipment; KCSS = Kansas City Structural Steel; LCC = Litchfield Car Co; MPC = Michigan-Peninsular Car; MC&F = Missouri Car & Foundry; MCW = Michgan Car Works; MVC = Mt. Vernon Car (PSC); OFC = Ohio Falls Car; PAC = Pennsylvania Car; PCC = Peninsular Car Co.; PSC = Pressed Steel Car; PS = Pullman-Standard; PUL = Pullman; SSC = Standard Steel Car; W&F = Wells & French; WSCF = Western Steel Car & Foundry (PSC)
Date-Year Month and Year built
Retired Last year class was listed in ORER
Commodity Most commonly shipped
HO Kit & N Kit Closest available kit or RTR: * indicates needs modifications; () indicates stand-in only. Manufacturers: ACCU=Accurail; AMB=Ambroid; ATH=Athearn; ATLAS=Atlas; BACH=Bachmann; BL=Branchline Trains; BOWS=Bowser; CBT=C&BT Shops; CON=Con-Cor; CUS=Custom Rail Shops; DA=Details Associates; DVFC=Delaware Valley Freight Car; E&C=E&C Shops; ECW=Eastern Car Works; EEL=Eel River Models; DLX=DeLuxe Innovations; FRP=Front Range Products; GLOR=Gloor Craft; IMT=Intermountain; LAM=Lambert; LL=Life-Like; McK=McKean Models; MDC=Model Die Casting; MT=Micro Trains; OMI=Overland Models; P2K=Proto 2000; PFM=Pacific Fast Mail; PIT=Pittsburgh Scale Models; PM=Precision Masters; RR=Robins Rails; STW=Stewart Hobbies; TICH=Tichy Train Group; WAL=Walthers; WEST=Westerfield;
Design General design features: YSD=Youngstown Sliding Door, YPD=Youngstown Plug Door; YPDX=Youngstown Plug Door Exterior Post; PPD=Pullman " Plug Door; SPD4=Superior Plug Door; ID=Improved Dreadnaught ends, cush=cushioned underframe, Duryea=Duryea cush u.f., FS=ACF Freight Saver cush u.f., Waugh=Waugh cush u.f., EOC=end of car cushioning
Notes General notes

Denver & Rio Grande Western Logos used with the permission of Union Pacific Railroad

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