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DRGW ALCO PA/PB Diesel Roster

photo by Donald Beneke
The PA were  a 2,000 horsepower PA-1 and and cabless booster PB-1  unit built between September, 1946 and June, 1950. It was born as a result of Alco's development of a new diesel engine design, the Model 244. In early 1944, development started on the new design. The PA had distinctive styling, with a long, straight flat-tipped nose with a headlight in a square, slitted grille, raked windshields, and trim pieces behind the cab windows that lengthened and sleekened the lines.

Fans deemed the PA one of the most beautiful diesels and an "Honorary Steam Locomotive", as noted by Professor George W. Hilton in a book review in September, 1968 Trains Magazine. When accelerating, until the turbocharger came up to speed thick clouds of black smoke would pour from the exhaust stacks, due to turbo lag. Photographing a moving PA while smoking became a prime objective of railfans.

The DRGW roster information below by Jim Eager has not been updated since 2000.  If you know any more about the despostion of any PA listed below or you spot missing, inaccurate data, have model suggestion or a picture for any we'd love to see & hear about it.   Contact the RGM&HS webmaster at: rgmhswebmaster@rgmhs.org

Horsepower Wheel Arrangement Gearing Weight Tractive Effort DRGW Class Builder
6000 (2000/unit) A1A-A1A 64:19
Weight & tractive effort for ABA set. Extra water capacity added to each unit, 10/1948.
Road #
Road #
Builder # Purchased Retired Notes
6001 600A PA1 74648 1/1947 7/20/1967 Renumbered from 600A, 3/13/1950
To Precision Engineering Company, Mt. Vernon, IL, 7/20/1967, scrapped
253 600B PB1 74702 2/1947 8/16/1965 Renumbered 6002 from 600B, 3/31/1950
Converted to steam generator car #253, 10/1965
6003 600C PA1 74685 2/1947 7/20/1967 Renumbered from 600C, 3/13/1950
To Precision Engineering Company, Mt. Veron, IL, 7/20/1967, scrapped
6011 601A PA1 74686 4/1947 12/20/1967 Renumbered from 601A, 3/6/1950
Trade in to EMD on SD45, 12/20/1967
252 601B PB1 74703 4/1947 5/10/1965 Renumbered from 601B, 3/6/1950
Converted to steam generator car #252, 7/1965
6013 601C PA1 74687 4/1947 7/20/1967 Renumbered from 601C, 3/6/1950
To Precision Engineering Company, Mt. Vernon, IL, 7/20/1967, scrapped

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