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Krauss-Maffei ML-4 Diesel Roster

4001 As the 1960s dawned several railroads were looking for more powerful diesel road-switchers to handle increasingly heavier freight trains.  At the time Electro-Motive four-axle Geeps and similar designs from Alco and General Electric were the standard of the day.  The six-axle road-switcher had been in production for some time but had yet to catch on with most of the industry.  In an attempt to fulfill its power needs the Denver & Rio Grande Western, as well as Southern Pacific, turned to German builder Krauss-Maffei, which delivered a handful of its diesel-hydraulics, dubbed the ML-4000, to the western Class Is during the early 1960s.  The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad also ordered three units, owever, as time went on the D&RGW found the KM's unsatisfactory in rugged mountain service, eventually selling its trio to SP in 1964 which became #9021-9023.in early 1964. Barely 20 units ever made it to the United States and all saw service for less than a decade before retirement.

The DRGW roster information below by Jim Eager has not been updated since 2000.  If you know any more about the despostion of anyKMs listed below or you spot missing, inaccurate data, have model suggestion or a picture for any we'd love to see & hear about it.   Contact the RGM&HS webmaster at: rgmhswebmaster@rgmhs.org

Horsepower Wheel Arrangement Gearing Weight Tractive Effort DRGW Class Builder
4000 C-C .
DE C-C 104 Krauss-Maffei
Final Road # Builder # Purchased Retired Notes
4001 18697 6/1961 2/6/1964 To Southern Pacific #9021
Renumbered 9103, 11/1965
Retired 12/31/1967, scrapped
4002 18698 6/1961 2/6/1964 To Southern Pacific #9022
Renumbered 9104, 11/1965
Retired 12/31/1967, scrapped
4003 18699 6/1961 2/6/1964 To Southern Pacific #9023
Renumbered 9105, 11/1965
Retired 12/31/1967, scrapped

Denver & Rio Grande Western Logos used with the permission of Union Pacific Railroad

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