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Future RGM&HS Conventions

 2019 RGM&HS Convention - Salt Lake City, Utah

Our 2019 RGM&HS Convention will be held in conjunction with the NMRA National Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 7-13, 2019. For our convention it will be a one day format convention like we did for 2018 convention.  We've already been in contact and meeting with the SLC convention organizers. Some of the initial planning at this point has focued around reserving a space for the RGM&HS Convention to meet.  Details like the agenda, layout tours, and other activities are still to being worked out.

If anyone interested in making a presentation in Salt Lake City or wants to assist the team in the planning they should contact:

Brian Holtz, Chairman
or (501) 525-7727


2020 RGM&HS Convention

Convention details and locations are still being considered for the 2020 RGM&HS convention.  The intent is to make it a joint convention with either the 2020 NMRA Convention or with another railroad historical society.

Updated on 05/01/18

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