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rgmhs0kc2018 NMRA 2018 convention

2018 RGM&HS Convention
Co-sponsored by The National Model Railroad Association National Convention
Will be held in Kansas City, Missouri
August 9th, 2018

The Rio Grande, in its last decade, came to Kansas City on UP(MP) trackage rights and so will The Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society on trackage rights of the National Model Railroad Association's Annual Convention in Kansas City. Mark your calendars for August 9 and 10 and plan to attend. If you are a modeler, the NMRA National Convention is well worth while and will begin on Sunday August 5 and end on Sunday August 12. My favorite events are the Special Interest groups Operating Sessions and the Layout Design all day layout visits by private autos. You can get hotel, NMRA registration and up to date event information at: kc2018.org.

For this year's RGM&HS Convention we have a great line-up of presentations (descriptions below) that will include color photography and explanations of Rio Grande Standard and Narrow gauge operations.  The full list of session is below.  Seating is limited to those who registered. The Society will have Rio Grande Calendars current and back issues of The Prospector magazine for sale at our booth during the National Train Show.

Please sign up on the Registration link below, if you plan to attend the Kansas City Convention. Although there is no charge, this is so that we can prepare an envelope for you with the most up to date schedule and information, layout addresses, Train Show Discount Ticket and John Vandenberg's list of favorite selections at the best Bar-B-Q places in Kansas City. We plan to have an unmanned table in the Special Interest Group Room with the Convention Green Light issue, RGM&HS membership Information and Bar-B-Q restaurant information earlier in the week.

While the RGM&HS Convention programs will be only one long day, you can easily spend three days with the Train Show, visiting local hobby shops and railfanning Kansas City's many rail lines. Watch for Convention updates in the Green Light newsletter, The Prospector and here on convention page.  If you have any questions you can e-mail convention@rgmhs.org 

Saturday we will be having the RGM&HS Board of Trustee meeting. RGM&HS members are welcome attend. We hope you can make plans to join us in Kansas City! 

Brian Holtz, Chairman

  • Resurrection of the Rio Grande -- From Failed Narrow Gauge to Modern Transcontinental by Mark W. Hemphill.

    Director of Railway Consulting at a major engineering firm, will provide an expert's perspective of how the Rio Grande was lifted out of the mud and transformed into a viable transcontinental. Illustrated with high-resolution period photographs, this program will show before-and-after views of the railroad's reconstruction. For the modeler who wants to capture the feel, look, and convincing nuance of the prototype, this presentation will give a deep focus into the embankment, track, bridges and signaling of main line railroading in the 1920-1970 era.
  • Researching and Designing a Model Railroad that Captures the Essence of Pueblo's Railroads by John McBee.

    John will take you through the process of researching, designing and building a model railroad that included the important industries, local switching, multiple freight yards, stations, passenger and freight trains of the railroads serving Pueblo. This model railroad was built and operated featuring the Rio Grande, Santa Fe, Colorado & Southern and Missouri Pacific. Many photos of the finished layout will translate the plan to its execution as an operating model layout capturing the operations of railroads in Pueblo during the 1950's.
  • Growing Up Along the Rio Grande by Jeff Pierce.

    This presenter had the good fortune to grow up along the Rio Grande in Utah. Jeff will show slides of those wonderful Grande Gold yesteryears, before the trains became yellowed. Jeff Pierce is a member of the RGM&HS Board of Trustees and often represents the Society with a table at train shows.
  • Colorado Fuel and Iron Steel Mill in Pueblo by Paul Evans.

    Colorado CF&I rolled the Rio Grande's early rails and was its biggest Colorado customer for most of the railroad's life. Inbound coal, coke and outbound products were highly visible, often as open loads and carried on many of DRGW's trains. CF&I was an important customer for both the narrow and standard gauge.  Follow the development of CF&I's steel plant from 1925 to the present time. A good introduction to steel making and the complexity of a small multi-product iron and steel plant. Notice it is a steel plant not a mill because it contains many mills: from the blooming mill to the wire mills not to mention the iconic blast furnaces and various steel converters used over the years.

Layouts: Evening layout tours will be by private auto and will include:


Dave Acheson's HO Joint Line

covers operations between Denver-Pueblo with a branch to Coors Brewery.The HO scale layout is set in the 1970's.  Areas modeled is between Pueblo, Co to Denver's 38th St Yard. Branch line to Golden, CO, home of Coor's Beer.  You'll see trains from the ATSF, BN, DRGW, and RI trains on the layout with unit coal trains and unit grain trains. Coors special Insulated Box cars.

More informattion this layout can be found here

robbidRob Biddison's HO 1967 era Rio Grande from Denver to the Moffat Tunnel.

The Moffat Line of the Denver and Rio Grande Western represents the Rio Grande’s main yard in North Denver and runs West over the Moffat Line. The Moffat Line is set in the 1960s with first generation diesels providing most of the motive power. The Rio Grande also serves as a bridge rout for other major railroads.  Lots of yard action with trains terminating and originating at North Yard.

Denver Union Station is also bustling with activity. The California Zephyr, The Denver Zephyr, The Prospector, The Yampa Valley and The La Junta Chief, are a few name trains that visit Denver daily. There is plenty of activity at the Railway Express Agency, Commissary, and the Railway Post Office.

More informattion this layout can be found here

robBiddisonlayoutJohn Vandenberg's HOn3 with lines of DRGW/RGS/SN

set in the era between 1948-1953 John's railroad radiating from Durango the HOn3 version of the Durango Division./  The layout being built as a double deck railroad with the Durango yard splitting the two decks. So far about three quarter of the track is completed. All the track on the upper deck, Durango yard, Rio Grande Southern, and Silverton Northern is complete and basic scenery is in on most of the upper deck. A temporary staging yard is in place on the lower deck to represent Chama. The line to Farmington is now complete so long pipe trains are now part of the operations.

More informattion this layout can be found here


Friday evening we plan to have an informal Bar-B-Q dinner where you can meet others interested in the DRGW, order off the menu and pay for your own at Jack Stack Bar-B-Q restaurant which is set in the burgeoning Crossroads Art District, the historic converted Freight House across from Union Station will wow you with its 25-foot ceilings, fireplace lounge with full-service bar, and indoor and outdoor private dining. Located near The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Sprint Center and an array of local art galleries and boutiques, we’re serving remarkable Kansas City barbecue in the heart of KC.

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Cancellation Policy

Although there is no charge for attending the 2018 RGM&HS convention after August 1st, 2018 we will not be able to honor any cancellations request, due to commitments that must be made on our part with the NMRA. please contact convention@rgmhs.org regarding any cancellations.

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