Rio Grande Source Data CD Volume 2

In keeping with the stated goal of preserving original Rio Grande documents, the Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society is proud to offer Rio Grande Source Data CD Volume 2. This CD contains materials collected and contributed by many individuals who share the Society’s belief that such materials must be preserved and made available.
  • 1943 Structure List
  • 1945 Station List
  • 1966 MOW Standard Plans
  • ICC Accident Reports
  • 1970 to 1988-vintage track charts
  • 1977 D&RGW Equipment Catalog
  • Folio 10 D&RGW Diesel Electric Locos (January 2, 1963)
  • 1960-vintage Grade & Alignment Charts
  • Complete set of SPINS
    • Denver District
    • Grand Junction District
    • Helper Distric
    • Provo District
    • Pueblo District
  • Various other items
    • Last run of the Rio Grande Zephyr
    • California Zephyr Dining Car Manual
    • Moffat Tunnel Brochure
    • Exposition Flyer Brochure
    • Prospector Brochure
    • Royal Gorge Brochure
    • Panoramic Scenes
    • Miscellaneous Forms
    • and more

Denver & Rio Grande Western Logos used with the permission of Union Pacific Railroad

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